Mini-lift of lower eyelids

Mini-lift of lower eyelids is a mini-invasive corrective method of cutting the lower eyelids. It is a surgical intervention suitable for clients with excess skin on the lower eyelids of the eyes that are “folding” while smiling or other forms of mimicry.

This problem often arises, for example, after the application of botulinum toxin into the wrinkles around the eyes. After the application of Botox, the wrinkles are stretched, and thus it will develop the excess skin. This skin dodges under the eyes, where botulinum toxin cannot be applied. Mini-lift of lower eyelids effectively solves this problem.

In addition, the advantage of the mini-lifting method of doctor Bouzouaya is a slight stretching of the skin on the cheeks.

We perform the treatment using a special surgical instrument that is very gentle compared to conventional scalpel. The cut occurs at the cellular level due to electromagnetic waves at a frequency of 4 MHz. Thanks to this fact, the surgical intervention is less painful and scarring is eliminated. The cuts are clean and smooth, and healing is rapid.


Advantages of the method of Dr. Chedly Bouzouaya


  • Very gentle cut using the radiofrequency knife
  • Minimizing scar formation
  • Minimizing swelling after surgical intervention
  • Easy healing
  • Excellent results


Who is Chedly Bouzouaya

Doctor Chedly Bouzouaya came up with this method of mini-lift of lower eyelid. He is an internationally recognized expert in aesthetic ocular plastic surgery. He operates at the clinics in Tunis, Zurich and New York.


Course of the surgical intervention

We perform the surgery under local anaesthesia; thus you feel no pain. The procedure takes about one hour; we recommend a quiet mode after the surgery.

Makeup is not suitable for one week.

It is not necessary to remove the sutures, they are absorbable.

At the clinic “Dermaestet” MUDr. Zuzana Vykutilová performs the surgery; she is an experienced doctor with long experience in eyelid surgery.




Minilift spodních víček Minilift spodních víček Minilift spodních víček Minilift spodních víček




Price of the treatment ranges from €620


If necessary, we will arrange the financing of the procedure.