IPL - Pulsed Light

The Aurora tool is used for the lasting removal of expanded facial vessels, pigmentation, and wrinkles, thanks to which the skin is smoothed/the so-called rejuvenation of the skin/face, throat, and neck.

This tool uses high-intensity light radiation combined with radio frequencies. Both of these systems complement each other for greater effectiveness. The tool received the prestigious American FDA certificate.

The treated area is lubricated with contact gel, upon which the tool’s head is then placed. You can feel pain in the form of stinging during treatment, but in comparison with other instruments, Aurora provides clients maximum comfort while maintaining the effectiveness of the treatment.
Treatment lasts 5 to 30 minutes in relation to the size of the treated surface. Treatment is not suitable for freshly burnt skin. For most, it is necessary to complete 5-6 treatments at an interval of 3-4 weeks. If you use any medicines, please consult your doctor whether the given medicine increases the photosensitivity of the skin.





Price of the treatment ranges according to the quantity of pulses


If necessary, we will arrange the financing of the procedure.