Deep Chemical Peeling

DEEP PEELING (trichloroacetic acid)–smoothing out of small scars, including changes after acne, wrinkles, pigment stains, rejuvenation of the skin.
  • Smooths out subtle surface wrinkles
  • Removes defects on the surface of the skin
  • Corrects problems with pigmentation


It can be applied to the throat, neck, or other parts of the body.
Treatment lasts only 10-15 minutes.
The depth of peeling can be adjusted. It is necessary to avoid the sun for a period of several months. Recovery lasts about 3 to 7 days. The goal of irritating the skin through a chemical peel is to develop the process of healing. New tissue developing through healing supersedes damaged tissue which showed an ESTHETIC DEFECT (pimply skin after acne, surface wrinkles, solar hyperkeratosis, etc.) before peeling. The new skin looks better than the skin before peeling. It can initially seem incomprehensible, but the secret of a chemical peel which renews and rejuvenates the skin lies on simple physiological bases.

According to the depth of a chemical peel, the following can result:

  • inflammation and renewed formation of tissue
  • surface peeling for the formation of granulated tissue
  • middle and deep peeling for the formation of new vessels in the skin
  • middle and deep peeling for the renewal of collagen fibers






Price of the treatment ranges from €52 


If necessary, we will arrange the financing of the procedure.