Digital Dermatoscope

Thanks to a video camera working with a special light which penetrates to a specified depth beneath the skin, it is possible to treat even the deeper layers of suspicious skin formations than just by the naked eye.

The doctor for one thing sees a more precise, in-depth image of the suspicious formation and the computer, thanks to a digital record, analyzes the formation precisely.
About 400,000 various abnormal skin formations are stored in the memory of the computer, with which the computer compares the treated object and its digitally discovered parameters.


The advantages of this treatment are:

  • display of up to 50x magnification
  • the image can be stopped on the screen of the monitor and comfortably examined
  • image archive (saved in the computer’s memory)


Saving the development of changes in various time intervals lends a helping hand during differential diagnostics and estimates over the course of several seconds the severity of this specific finding on the skin. This analysis helps doctors in deciding what to do with the pigment mark. It simplifies the question of whether to leave it be or remove it. It presents further help in the fight against malicious changes moles can present.

We use the VISIOderm System
The system uses the most modern technology and provides high quality imaging, as well as is characterized by its practice of directed and intuitive control. It was produced for the acquisition, analysis, and archiving of images obtained from both digital and analogue equipment. Functions of other tele-medicinal work are also integrated into the system.





Price of the treatment is €21 


If necessary, we will arrange the financing of the procedure.