Silhouette Soft

Our clinic offers you a new and innovative way for facial rejuvenation. The procedure delivers double lifting effect in combination with collagen regeneration. A new approach to facial rejuvenation is typical for an immediate and natural effect.

In what way is Silhouette innovative?


  • Lifting effect can be seen immediately
  • Progressively restores collagen production
  • Completely absorbable material
  • Usually takes only up to 30 minutes
  • No need for a scalpel
  • Effect lasting more than 12 months
  • To suit specific client needs

Which areas are suitable?


  • cheeks
  • facial lines
  • throat
  • eyebrows



How does Silhouette Soft work?


One procedure, DOUBLE EFFECT


  • Lifting effect– immediately after application
  • Regenerating effect – stimulating the formation of new collagen for the subsequent long-term effect


The Treatment


In local anaesthetic, threads Silhouette Soft® are introduced into the subcutaneous tissue using a thin needle. The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes; you will soon be able to return to your normal life and activities.


The application of fully absorbable lifting threads Silhouette Soft® can only be performed by a qualified surgeon, who attended a special course.









  • Use cold compresses for the treatment area if necessary
  • Products containing paracetamol can be used to relieve pain
  • You can apply make up gently after 24 hours
  • Sleep with your head in elevated position, supported by a pillow (3-5 nights)
  • The treated area can be washed very gently, without rubbing (5 days)
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure incl. solarium (2 weeks)
  • Avoid excessive face movements (2 weeks)
  • Restrict sports, especially those that require high stress (2 weeks)
  • Do not go to the sauna (3 weeks)
  • Do not undergo any dental surgery (3 weeks)
  • Avoid facial massages and facial aesthetic treatments (4 weeks)




If necessary, we will arrange the financing of the procedure.