Face-lift with 'liquid thread'

From a certain age, face contour correction is interesting for both men and women. In recent years, the most popular technique has been the biological skin tightening, or bio-revitalisation. Injections stimulate the creation of collagen thread net in the skin, working as biological reinforcement that holds and firms up the skin.

In the past, this procedure used to be performed by means of hyaluronic acid-based fillers, which resulted in increased tissue weight in the area of injection application due to the molecules of hyaluronic acid binding excess water. Another disadvantage was the fact that the acid was absorbed prematurely. The result was proportional to the amount of the acid and the time of its action. Another drawback is the need of several applications to achieve results.

Another option of bio-revitalisation and biological tissue firming is the application of threads into the subcutis which, thanks to the traumatization of subcutaneous structures, causes increased collagen production in the area of application and creates adipose collagen tissue clusters that hold the skin. Some threads are even capable of relocating tissues and fixing them in a new position (APTOS) where a collagen net is formed over time and after the thread is absorbed, the net carries on holding the tissues. However, the flaw of this method is the fact that the thread application requires at least 3-5 days’ recovery and social life restrictions, which not everybody can afford.



The Advantages of this Method

A huge advantage of the threads is their material. Aptos threads are made of polycaprolactam – absorbable surgical suture material. Its secondary effect is hydrating the skin and stimulating production of subcutaneous collagen threads. Among other things, polycaprolactam being a synthetic material decreases the risk of allergies to the minimum.

For this reason, the Dutch laboratory Aqtis Medical decided to merge the exceptional results of polycaprolactam threads application with the more gentle procedure of the fillers. That is why corrective dermatologists today have the perfect tool for liquid face lifting – ELLANSE, the polycaprolactam filler.

The difference between ELLANSE and other preparations is the production of type I and III collagen that occurs not only in the areas around gel application, but also inside, which relates to ε-polycaprolactam being applied with carboxymethyl cellulose (a gel carrier), which resorbs after 4-8 weeks. Carboxymethyl cellulose is gradually replaced by new collagen threads. And this is the reason why, after the biological reinforcement by ELLANSE, a new soft net of collagen threads forms in the skin and has visible rejuvenating effects without being visible or tangible. Thanks to the extra stimulation of the subcutaneous collagen and elastin matrix by ELLANSE, the smoothing effects and improvement of skin structure are achieved after one application.

ELLANSE fillers line is represented by four preparations that do not differ in viscosity but do differ in the length of esthetic effects (ranging from 1 to 3,5 years). Products with longer effects, ELLANSE L and ELLANSE E are recommended for creating tissue volume and body contour tightening.

We are the only accredited centre in the Czech Republic that can offer this reliable and safe technique of liquid face lifting which is extremely delicate and very effective, as proved by the use of the ELLANSE products in Europe since 2006.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are skin tests required before applying ELLANSÉ ™?
No tests are necessary; ELLANSÉ ™ is biocompatible, which means that it can be treated immediately. It is a fully absorbable preparative that is gradually degraded in the body.

How long does the application ELLANSÉ ™ take?
Approximately 30 minutes, after that you can return to your normal daily life.

How long does the effect last?
Between one to four years - depending on the choice of a preparative suitable for you. This should be consulted with your doctor. The result is a natural, smooth and youthful appearance in your face that should last the stated period of time.

How many applications are usually needed?
Only one application is usually necessary. The immediate effect is followed by a prolonged correction of the skin appearance due to the stimulation of collagen production. This way you will get a high value for your money.

How should I treat the area after the procedure?
It is recommended not to take hot baths, to avoid intensive exercise for at least 24 hours after the treatment, not to go to any sunbathing or even tanning sessions for at least one week.

As with other types of injections there may be side effects such as localized redness, swelling and bruising. For more information, please consult your physician.
Please note: The above information is not a substitute for a consultation with a qualified physician.


Lifting Process

The procedure consists of 7 steps:

  • Examination and make-up removal
  • Marking the area of injection application
  • Anaesthetization
  • Injection preparation
  • Injection application
  • Preparation application
  • Final care


We use 4 kinds of Ellanse fillers with different effect lengths. The preparations do not differ in their physical characteristics; they are applied by the same needles and cannulae and chosen according to physician’s recommendations and patient’s requests.

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What are the procedure’s results?

Lifting 'tekutými nitěmi'

Lifting 'tekutými nitěmi'

Lifting 'tekutými nitěmi'

Lifting 'tekutými nitěmi'







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