Aesthetic treatment

In the treatments given below, we use the most modern findings and advancements obtained at foreign congresses and seminars. Both invasive surgery methods as well as pulsed light and peeling are found among them. 


Liposuction does not have to be a painful experience from which the patient recovers for a long time and is faced with complications such as irregular skin, cellulite, sagging skin, etc.

Vital Injector

Clinic “Dermaestet” offers you a unique new product for getting rid of wrinkles on the face, neck and décolletage - using a deep hydration “Restylane Vital” and “Vital Light”, applied using a device VITAL INJECTOR.

Face-lift with 'liquid thread'

From a certain age, face contour correction is interesting for both men and women. In recent years, the most popular technique has been the biological skin tightening, or bio-revitalisation. Injections stimulate the creation of collagen thread net in the skin, working as biological reinforcement that holds and firms up the skin.


Face-lifting by thread, a so-called mini-facelift, is a very economical operational technique performed without a scalpel and, by use of local anesthesia, decreases the aging of the skin and its wrinkles.

Silhouette Soft

Our clinic offers you a new and innovative way for facial rejuvenation. The procedure delivers double lifting effect in combination with collagen regeneration. A new approach to facial rejuvenation is typical for an immediate and natural effect.

Prime lifting

WHAT IS PRIME-LIFTING? PRIME-LIFTING is a new revolutionary technology of minimally invasive lifting using mesothreads. The application of threads into the skin on the face, neck, neckline, hands, and arms leads to the creation of a collagen skeleton.


Mesotherapy–revitalization of the face, throat, neck, and hands. Esthetic mesotherapy is a technique of direct injection of effective materials into the skin.

Mesotherapy to prevent hair-loss and the renewed growth of hair

Mesotherapy to prevent hair-loss and the renewed growth of hair.

Injection of a Filling

The injection of a filling enables the enlargement of the lips, the removal of wrinkles and sunken cheeks.

Surface Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is a favorite non-invasive (non-operational) treatments.

Deep Chemical Peeling

DEEP PEELING (trichloroacetic acid)–smoothing out of small scars, including changes after acne, wrinkles, pigment stains, rejuvenation of the skin.

Mini-lift of lower eyelids

Mini-lift of lower eyelids is a mini-invasive corrective method of cutting the lower eyelids. It is a surgical intervention suitable for clients with excess skin on the lower eyelids of the eyes that are “folding” while smiling or other forms of mimicry.

Digital Dermatoscope

Thanks to a video camera working with a special light which penetrates to a specified depth beneath the skin, it is possible to treat even the deeper layers of suspicious skin formations than just by the naked eye.

Lipolysis Injection

Lipolysis sheds the body of excess fat and cellulite. It can be considered non-invasive liposuction.

Correction of Eyelids

Eyelids are functionally highly exposed, thus the first visible signs of aging appear in this area.

Lymph Drainage

This means a special massage whose effect is the renewal and increase of the drainage of the lymph from the lower limbs.

Renew the Growth of Eyelashes

Renokin lash lash is a doctor-formulated conditioner for eyelashes which improves the appearance of natural lashes and their length, fullness, and strength.

RegenACR Plasma Therapy

Rejuvenation of the skin by its own enriched plasma.

IPL - Pulsed Light

The Aurora tool is used for the lasting removal of expanded facial vessels, pigmentation, and wrinkles, thanks to which the skin is smoothed/the so-called rejuvenation of the skin/face, throat, and neck.